Rauher Engel is a dance theatre company in Rotterdam, founded in March 2006. The drive behind 'Rauher Engel' is artistic director Dagmar Chittka. She works with changing guest dancers.


Dagmar has graduated at the ‘Rotterdamse Dansacademie’ (Codarts) and started to make choreographies during her study. In 1993 she won the ‘Corrie Hartong Price’ with the dance piece 'Es tanzt das ZNS'. From 1997 to 2006 she was one of the two artistic directors of the dance theater company ‘Lieber Gorilla’.


Rauher Engel’s performances are a freakish mix of dance, movement, play and acrobatics. They are characterised by lyrical sceneries, physical intensity and absurdity.
A powerful metaphorical language takes shape and communicates directly with the audience.


After Dagmar choreographed for an adult public, she makes now most of the time pieces for children.
She says: "Children are reacting so spontaneously and honest, which is really fascinating. They are holding you a mirror in front of your face. With my performances I want to touch them, trigger their imagination, stimulate their senses and let them feel, that there is more between heaven and earth than only reality." In this perspective Dagmar is also doing research in developing workshops for children where they learn to feel from the inside.